Mastering Google Display Ads: Boost your Marketing Results

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Have you ever felt like you’re shouting into the void space online and receiving no results? Even after rigorously creating great content, reaching the right audience feels like an impossible task now. Pouring your heart out day and night into creating that website or social media campaign and yet no results. We know the frustration is real! But as the saying goes “Where there’s a will, there’s a way”. Google ads aren’t just a solution but your way to creating a brand name for your business without having to worry so much. You can build your incredible online presence with your secret weapon – ‘Google Ads’. 

We’ll break down everything you need to know concisely, to get you started with ‘Google ads’ for your business marketing.

Why Google Display Ads?

Before jumping into the details of how to use and where to us? We need to first discuss why? to use it. Google Display Ads deserve a prominent spot in your marketing toolbox. Here’s a quick rundown- 

What first do we want out of our business goals? ‘Audience Reach’, isn’t it?

Reaching Audience

Unlike search ads that target people actively searching for something, Display Ads reach potential customers. Google Ads is a digital marketing essential that knows just the right way to get your potential customer’s attention. 

How does it do it? Display Ads allow you to showcase your product or service across the Google Display vast network. This is important because your major customers spend a significant amount of time in a single day online. According to data, it’s almost equal to 68 percent of the world’s population online. That is more than half of the world. That is the power the online world has over offline. 

Brand Awareness

Google Display Ads, the name itself explains that it is all about visuals. High-quality images and videos are a must because they can create a lasting impression on viewers, increasing brand awareness and recognition. It’s like putting your product on display in all the popular stores in the mall that increases the chances of getting your product noticed. You can easily plant a seed of your brand into their minds. This would help your audience to more likely remember your brand.  With so many businesses competing online, brand recognition is crucial. People tend to act on things more, which are frequently visible to them. That is why, Google Ads, ensures they remember. Reaching millions of potential customers who are actively browsing, checking emails, or even watching videos.

Targeted Precision

Google Display Ads provides you with various targeting options to choose from almost like shopping. Gone are the days of scattershot marketing because Google Ads works on precision. Imagine displaying your sports shoes ad to the people frequently reading ‘fitness’ blogs. Do you understand the magic of targeted marketing here? It’s incredible!

Google Ads give you ways to be seen and known through- 

            Demographics :-

Imagine you have opened a fast fashion women’s wear brand that focuses on ‘work wear’. So we know targeting everyone will not be an efficient way. Therefore, we will mostly focus on gender as ‘woman’, age range of about 22-45, and location will be metropolitan or advanced cities. This is where Google Ads come into play. 

    1. Age: Target only what could be your potential customers, from teenagers to adults. Google Ads helps you build the right ad for the right age customer reach.
    2. Gender: You can showcase your maternity wear to men’s polo-shirt, and make it gender-specific if that is what your company needs. 
    3. Location: Focus on coastal cities for your swimwear brand or target specific countries known for their love of fitness.
    4. Income: Showcase your luxury furniture that almost gives a renaissance to your high-income class audience who lives and breathes luxury. 
    Life-Event :-

    1. Another way Google Ads reach your audience is through engaging in their big life events. Well, just as life gives you curveballs, Google Ads allows you to get the most from people’s curveballs with the help of marketing. 
    2. Reach soon-to-be parents with ads for baby clothes or target recent graduates with offers on professional attire.
    3. Upload your past customer list and target users with similar life stages. This helps in re-engaging with past customers along with new ones. 


Remember those websites, you visit only to be haunted by its ads everywhere you go online? Well seriously! For next week, you will only look at those black boots you only searched online once.  That’s remarketing, a powerful tool within Display Ads. And now because it has been displayed to you so many times, you end up buying them. 

Remarketing is a way to retarget people who have been to your site, keeping your products or services fresh in their minds, and that is how it creates a conversion of your audiences into customers.

Creating effective Ads 

Crafting an effective ad is almost like an art but not so difficult. You don’t have to go Leonardo Da Vinci with that, but yes! creativity and the right strategy are quite crucial. 

Because we are playing with display ads, visuals are the king. 

      High Quality :-

If you do not want your game in the marketing to be unprofessional, then high resolutions of images and videos are quite a must. Invest in high-resolution images and videos that are clear, crisp, and relevant to your message. 

       Designs :-

Don’t you dare settle for ordinary! Only the most epic makes it into the industry. Therefore, experiment with your colors, logo, fonts, and backgrounds. Create ads like no other, because we are talking business and not another clutter online. 

      Emotional Connection :-

Build that beautiful human connection with your audience with the help of visuals that evoke feelings, relevant to your products or services.

 For instance, you are promoting your perfume brand. Picture two young women, laughing joyfully as they spray the fragrance on their wrists, surrounded by a lush garden blooming with vibrant flowers. Suddenly, the scene transitions seamlessly to a tranquil forest, where the scent of pine trees fills the air, and the girls find themselves dancing among ancient trees, serenaded by the melodic songs of nightingales.

This visual evokes a feeling of freshness and natural beauty aesthetically. 

         Speak Their Language :-

People have short attention spans. Hence, keep your content short, crisp, and to the point. Aim for punchy headlines that grab attention.

         Highlight Unique Selling Point :-

Highlighting what your business is great at, gives authenticity and builds trust for your brand. For example: Blinkit has the fastest delivery for groceries. Therefore, their tagline is ‘Delivery in 10 mins…”. Similarly, you can focus on your product’s or service’s strong points and get your audience to know about them.

Conclusion …

Google Ads isn’t only a tool but your survival kit for your business. Remember the laser-targeted marketing we mentioned earlier? Now’s the time to put it into action! 

Boost your sales and make your market a benchmark for others with the game of Google Ads

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